A blended model is embraced by The Moreland Group, this combines online and face to face learning as its basis. This format aims to provide a more flexible learning environment for students with online work to be completed in their own time and an intensive face to face element that focuses on practical application of the learning.

The blended model supports learners with a clear pathway through their learning program by offering the online platform EngLearn which sets clear stages through the units and assessments required. Combining this with the face to face workshops provides learners with further knowledge to assist them on their educational journey.

One of the key aims of this model is that learners will gain knowledge, along with practical skills that can be applied in their job. Our trainers have extensive experience in delivering quality learning that focusses on tools and techniques that can really be used in the workplace.

Our online platform offers learners a variety of learning tools including videos, interactive content, assessor support, and discussion forums that assist in the journey through content and assessment. We also provide students with free resources to other online materials for the duration of their studies.

A few of the benefits of blended learning are:

  • Greater flexibility – you manage your time and workload for online study
  • Intensive learning – the workshop component aims to be an application of the skills and knowledge
  • Time effective – you complete the online work then only have minimal time off work to attend the workshops
  • Assessment options – pathways to nationally recognised qualifications or units of competency