Enrolment in courses at The Moreland Group is completed prior to commencement and a non-refundable enrolment fee must be paid to secure your enrolment. You will be notified of enrolment details specific to your course upon receipt of your enrolment fee being paid. Students enrolling through their employer will usually form part of a bulk invoice to the employer contact.

The Moreland Group does not accept students who have not fulfilled all the enrolment requirements and paid prior to commencement of classes.

Pre-enrolment Information

The Moreland Group will ensure that prior to enrolment prospective students receive adequate information regarding the course, training, assessment and services provided by The Moreland Group to enable them to make an informed decision about the suitability of the course and the provider for their studies. All relevant course information and policies are made available on The Moreland Group website. At the time of enrolment students are asked if they have read the relevant policies so it is imperative that all students undertake this as part of the enrolment process.

Working with Children

The Moreland Group does not accept enrolments into qualifications or individual units of competency by anyone under the age of 18. The nature of the training delivered by The Moreland Group generally does not attract students under the age of 18.


At the commencement of all face to face training courses, the trainer begins by informing all participants of the requirements to train and assess. This includes information on course content and assessments as well as basic health and safety requirements that applies to the venue. Online students receive information about the training via the Learning Management System (LMS).

Training materials and assessment information are sent to students once their enrolment information has been received and the enrolment fee has been paid. Students receive a Welcome Letter which explains the expectations and contact details for support services.

For general administration queries the Training Manager should be contacted.

Assessment Methodology

All accredited training conducted by The Moreland Group requires an assessment that requires students to demonstrate competency.

If a student is deemed to have not satisfactorily met the assessment requirements after the first attempt they will be given some one-on-one advice /feedback by their assessor and then permitted a second attempt.

If after that attempt competence is still not achieved, a re-evaluation will take place which will include a discussion with an independent assessor, a review of the assessment outcome and then a decision about whether a third attempt may be made at the assessment with no further fees involved.

If at any stage a student feels that they are not being treated fairly in this process, an appeal can be lodged (see Appeals Policy). If a student wishes to request a review, a ‘Request for Review’ form must be completed and returned to the Training Manager. The form may be obtained by emailing the training manager at [email protected]

Duty of Care

The Moreland Group is committed to providing you a safe environment in which to participate in training and assessment. The following guidelines are provided as a basis for safe practice in the training environment (for face to face courses):

  • Know and observe details of emergency response and evacuation plans;
  • Do not undertake activities which may cause injury to self or others;
  • Be responsible for your own actions;
  • No smoking at the training and assessment facilities or offices;
  • Report all potential hazards, accidents and near misses to the RTO staff;
  • No consumption of alcohol within training and assessment facilities or during the conduct of training and assessment;
  • Keep training and assessment areas neat and tidy at all times;
  • Seek assistance if you volunteer to lift items e.g. move furniture in a training area;
  • Observe hygiene standards particularly in eating and bathroom areas.

Code of Conduct

The Moreland Group expects you to treat all staff, fellow students and to all people you encounter in a courteous manner at all times and ask you to abide by these simple rules:

  • To treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations of The Moreland Group.
  • To not attend a course if affected by alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise).
  • To be honest and respectful, this includes not falsifying work or information and not conducting yourself in any way that may cause injury or offence to others.
  • To be responsible for your own learning and development by participating actively and positively and by ensuring that you maintain progress with learning modules.
  • To monitor your own progress by ensuring that assessment deadlines are observed.
  • Any form of discrimination (sexual, racial etc.), bullying, any form of harassment or any obscene, offensive or insulting language or behaviour, will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Process

Disciplinary Actions may include one or all of the following;

  • The facilitator may ask a student to leave the classroom, or refuse entry to a lecture room if behaviour is disruptive or dangerous
  • A student may be suspended, or expelled, from the program for behaviour that threatens the safety of others, interferes with the duties of staff, or other student’s study, or damages or threatens The Moreland Group education centre property.
  • The relevant authorities will be contacted where necessary.

Change of Contact Details

Please notify the Training Manager immediately of any changes to your contact details. This can be done by calling 03 9321 1781 or emailing [email protected]