The Moreland Group has been involved in the delivery of training from its inception in 1989. We have conducted our courses in over 500 organisations, and have had thousands of participants complete some of our programs. In recent years The Moreland Group has looked to expand beyond Project Management and can now proudly present a large range of qualifications and training options to its clients.

Our trainers possess extensive experience in both the area of interest and in learning methodologies.

We have developed programs from scratch, built around unique organisational methodologies and competency requirements. We have tailored our packaged off-the-shelf programs for in-house delivery in several organisations. We have also provided consultancy assistance with project management systems and practices in many organisations in both the public and private sectors.

The Moreland Group is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 6332) registered under the VET Quality Framework (VQF) and is able to offer accredited programs. Currently, The Moreland Group has the following qualifications on its scope of registration:

For more information on qualifications currently offered please refer to the Courses section.

Our Mission

The Moreland Group (TMG) is closely aligned to Engineering Education Australia and Engineers Australia as the trusted voice of the profession and global home for engineering professionals.  TMG provides accredited technical and professional training delivered by leading industry experts, helping advance the practice of engineering for the benefit of the community.

Our Objectives

In achieving this mission, our objectives are:

People. We promote excellence through leadership.

Safety and equality. We provide a safe and equitable learning and employment environment.

Integrity and ethics. We conduct ourselves with integrity through shared values and standards.

Quality committed. We aspire to deliver consistent, high quality services which support training and assessment excellence.

Learner centred. We provide learner centred training and assessment that supports lifelong learning.

Industry engagement. We deliver training and assessment services which are founded on industry needs and expectations.